Without Short Film
Video Production & Promotion
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Project Description

Without is a short film project created and produced by TheCreativeShake. The short film is set in a small village in Southern Italy, where a solitary old man afflicted by alcoholism wanders off into the countryside for a walk that will change his life forever.

TheCreativeShake successfully launched and managed a crowd-funding campaign raising more than $30K in 2 months. Details on the campaign can be found HERE. TCS pre-produced, filmed and post-produced the short film during the summer and fall of 2015. The short is currently being submitted to Film Festivals world wide.

Additionally, TCS managed all aspects of the project: obtaining press coverage in the US and in Italy on a variety of outlets ranging from print, online newspapers and TV. TCS also managed the social media pages and sent out regular newsletters to keep donors and viewers informed on the progress of the film. Finally, TCS created the website and all promotional materials for the short film. For more details visit the website HERE.



Project Details